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Forum-2017 Announcement


VI Civil Society Capacity Development Forum

Kyiv, November 16-17, 2017


Civil Society Capacity Development Forum is a unique national platform for discussion of key standards and practices civil society organizational development sphere, aimed at the promotion of the capacity development culture among Ukrainian CSOs. Forum annually invites up to 1000 participants representing the CSOs, service providers and experts (national and international) to exchange ideas and best practices as related to the CSOs’ organizational development.

This year Forum Firs Day theme is “Practices of Freedom”. The objective is to strengthen CSOs capacities to build the society, united by the idea of responsibility of each citizen. The main issues to be discussed at the First Day:

  • Independence of the CSOs (financial sustainability through various forms of service delivery; partnering with the state institutions);
  • CSOs “social mandate of trust” (CSOs capacity to be leaders of positive social changes and reforms, engagement of citizens and communities, i.e. to create “fan clubs’ and supporters of the CSOs, civic education);
  • Sector and inter-sector cooperation (capacity for coalition building between CSOs, and engagement of business).

The Second Day of the Forum theme is “Who does our community belong to?” and it is devoted to mobilization all initiatives and organizations work within communities (community foundations, community-based organizations etc), increasing the capacity of community movement and role of civil society in decentralization reform.

The Forum-2017 will bring together CSOs, service providers specialized in capacity building, business companies as well as representatives of Ukrainian government institutions and international donor community, such as USAID, UNDP, Mott Foundation, Council of Europe, Peace Corps etc. The Forum participants will discuss new tools and techniques, participate in sharing the best practices and lessons learned in the field of organizational development, and analyze the new challenges faced by the Ukrainian CSOs. 

Register here to participate in the Forum First Day, November 16

Register here to participate in the Forum Second Day, November 17

More details (in Ukrainian) - here.