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Period of performance: December 01.2015-June 01.2016

Description of the Project:

The overarching goal of the “Improving HIV/AIDS Services for Key Populations in Ukraine” Project is to assist the Government of Ukraine in reducing levels of HIV transmission among MARPs and their sexual partners by improving the continuum of HIV prevention, care, treatment, and other supporting services delivered by local organizations. Working through Ukraine’s three Global Fund principal recipients (GF PRs), the project provides technical assistance to national and local Ukrainian institutions to improve access of key populations and use of quality HIV/AIDS services, with a focus on HIV prevention. 

Detailed Task Description:

FHI 360 is seeking a part-time, short-term consultant to provide administrative assistance in the following areas: support training preparation; formatting and editing training manuals and participant handouts; helping with training planning and logistics; assisting finance and procurement team with procurement process for upcoming events, written translation and other administrative tasks upon request.


The contract will be considered successfully completed when the following deliverables are met:


Payment schedule and Due Date*

Planning and logistics of  project events:

-       Calling participants

-       Proofreading, formatting and editing of training materials;

-       Designing agendas and presentations in terms of Project’s branding policy;

-       Assistance with training report preparation;

-       Drafting tracking tools

On monthly basis prior to the 25-th of each month

Assistance to finance and administrative team:

-       Supporting procurement process for upcoming events: investigating venues, prices

-       Provide administrative support: printing, making copies, scanning etc.

-       Written translation of the materials

-       Booking tickets and hotels for programme staff

-       Performing other tasks as assigned

*Anticipated due dates may change and will be confirmed with consultant.


PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:  Not to exceed 60 full working days (8 hours) between the periods of December 01.2015 -June 01.2016

Qualification requirements:

-     Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.

-     Relevant work experience in the field of administration

-     Working experience in international organization ( not obligatory but considered as an advantage)

-     Language skills: Ukrainian (native speaker),  English (excellent spoken and written skills)

All interested candidates should submit the following documents by the 16-th of November 2015 to fhi-tenders@respond.org.ua

  1.        CV (English language only)
  2.        Cover letter (English language only)
  3.        Financial expectations: fee in USD per one full working day (8 hours)
  4.        Completed biodata form (see attached file)

For additional questions please contact Elnara Kerimova, ekerimova@fhi360.org , +38-044-377-54-64

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